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The following games are a great add on to any party or event.  These are no extra cost and are inclusive to the cost of your event or special occasion.

Mr and Mrs Game

Like the TV show, you can pair up with your other-half, answer questions, just like the Paddle game on the show, and even compete wi​th other couples.

Heads and Tails Game

Everyone stands up and either puts their hands on their heads or their bottoms. The DJ/Host flips a coin and announces what side the coin lands on. If it lands on heads, everyone with their hands on their bums is out and must sit down, or vice versa, and repeated, till eventually there is a winner.

Play Your Cards Right

Like the TV show, see if you can complete the game, by correctly predicting if the next card is higher or lower, in value, to the previous card.

Nothing for a pair, not in this game.

Rock and Roll Bingo

A fun alternative to standard Bingo. Just like the standard game, you can play a line or a house, but instead of numbers, you listen out for Songs and Artistes.

Children's Games and Party Dances

These are varied, dependant on age group. They are included as standard to Children's Parties and Discos, however, they can be added to other Occasions and Events at request.